Monday, October 17, 2011

12 by 2012

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Basically I live a life of procrastination. Nate makes fun of me because I make soo many lists, set alarms on my phone, and have all kinds of other concoctions, and yet I still manage to put the majority of things off until the last minute.

So when I read about this project to have 12 projects to complete before 2012 on the Oh, Hello Friend blog, I fell in love. Not to mention that 12 is my ultimate favorite number.

I'll be documenting these things as I go along. I would love if you would join me!! You can click on the banner in my right sidebar to go directly to the original blog post.

Here are my 12 'projects'. I think they reflect my love of randomness quite sufficiently.

  1. Ride a mechanical bull. [Always been a dream =)]
  2. Go ice skating.
  3. Create a ceramic mosaic.
  4. Cultivate the art of correspondence. Hand write 5 letters.
  5. Dress up for Halloween. [Any costume ideas? Also, anyone want to volunteer to throw a party so I can wear my future costume?] 
  6. Make & send out Christmas cards.
  7. Complete the Campaign Dresser redo [bought at Habitat Restore and needs to be fixed before our move]
  8. Actually move into our house. (post here)
  9. Host a housewarming party.
  10. Make crayon art with Lindsey. [inspiration here]
  11. Sew something =) [a true feet seeing as I don't know how to sew]
  12. Finish reading all the way through the Bible.
What are some of your goals?

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Holly said...

I have a 101 in 1001 Things list and I love trying to complete the goals on that :)

If you're interested, I'm doing a blogger swap related to these kinds of lists!! I'm taking entries now until the 23rd...the button is on my blog page in the right hand corner. It might help you get started!

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