Monday, November 7, 2011


This week is moving week =)

Background: We bought this house in June. Yes, June. Like, 5 months ago.

Since then we have been in a season of waiting. And God has been sooo good to meet us here and show us the goodness of His timing.

Today as I was writing the words 'Move In Day' in my planner, I looked back at the 4 closing dates I had marked down previously and thanked God that each one of those did not happen.

Even in our 'WHY'ing, God has provided more answers than we deserved that His timing is perfect and that He does indeed have plans for our good.

BUT...with all that said - I am SOOOO PUMPED to move to our new house on Friday!!!!

You can read the original post of God providing our house for us here.


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