Monday, November 21, 2011

Encouraging Randomness

Nate and I are enjoying our new house, getting unpacked and trying to finish our support-raising in a frenzy.

This all leads to full and beautiful days. We were saying that we feel a renewed energy now that we are on our own. We can host supper for people, house our family and just share our lives more freely in this house.

It is a huge blessing to us and our goal is for it to be a blessing to others as well.

Here are some things that have been an encouragement to me lately:

This video. Ah-mazing.

This book: Fantastic daily read. I highly recommend it.

This post by Hannah at Happy Days called Love is the issue regarding the Penn State scandal.

This quote.

Be encouraged today. 



hannah singer said...

megan! first time hearing that song.
perfect for me right now-blessed my socks clean off. and that piper book is a fave here, too!

grateful for you xo

Lori said...

love that print.. i pinned it on pinterest. thanks for sharing all of these amazing, godly songs and thoughts :)

happy thanksgiving!

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