Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm basically Tim Tebow

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and are beginning your weeks full of gratitude, joy and turkey =)

If we're not real life friends then you may not know that my husband and I are ALL about football. Not just him. ME. Currently our Saturdays are filled with college games - Nate has converted me into a Florida State fan - and Sunday afternoons the NFL games are always on. Here we go Steelers, anyone??

In all this football and general sports hysteria that happens on the daily in the Berkey household we hear about Tim Tebow a lot, especially recently.

If you haven't been watching Sportscenter and my favorite, Scott Van Pelt, or Skip Bayless and don't know this sports icon, Tebow is a quarterback for the Denver Broncos.
Source: zimbio.com via Roxanna on Pinterest
Basically, without rehashing his entire life story which seems to happen every.single.day. on ESPN, here's what everyone is saying: He doesn't have the typical skills of a quarterback, but people are kind of mystified by the fact that he's now 5-1 as a starter. He's a winner.

He's also a Christian. Not in the 'kneel down in the end zone and point to the sky' or 'thank God for a win while I compose how to glorify myself', or only 'acknowledge Jesus as a cliche-type obligation before my Academy Award and then go on living my life how I want' type of deal, but in a 'My lifestyle reflects Jesus Christ and I want to bring Him glory no matter the cost to myself' way.

Get it? Or was that extremely long run-on sentence too jumbled? Basically he's the real deal.

In this interview Tebow is responding to a comment made by another player who told the media he would like Tebow more if he would stop talking about Jesus so much [Jump ahead to 9:10 in the video] 

I really respect this guy. He uses his platform to bring glory to Jesus.

Now, am I a jacked, fast, chiseled athlete who plays in front of millions of people every week and has people lining up to ask me questions at a late-night press conference? Well, ok...NO.

But I have a platform, YOU have a platform to speak into others' lives. Mine might be the youth group at my church or the college students I work with, my younger siblings and my new neighbors in Cleveland. Even this blog is my platform.

Am I using this to bring glory to Christ as much as possible?

Where do you have opportunities to Speak or Listen or Act or Cook or _____? Are you using them?

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Angel said...

I like Tim Tebow, too. It will be interesting to watch his growth and strength in expressing his love for Jesus as he continues in his career!

Erin said...

Just found your blog through the linkup at The Wiegand's, newest follower :) I love Tim, such a fan, and you are right, we all have a platform to touch others!


{come visit me!}

Jenna said...

I love Florida State. & I love Jesus. I've had trouble accepting Tim Tebow because he is a Gator. haha

No, but I mean he's a great guy. I'm glad he is sharing his faith and I hope people will give him a chance. To God be the glory.

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