Monday, November 14, 2011

Marriage...what's the point?

So I'm sitting at Starbucks, sipping my grande Chai Latte with no water, debating whether it's socially appropriate to put my feet up on the next chair, and semi-listening this conversation between a dad and daughter happening next to me.

It's that awkward situation where they're right there and I'm trying not to eavesdrop, but honestly want to just turn and stare at them while they're conversing with each other.

It's evident early in the conversation that this father is divorced from this teenage daughter's mom, and they begin discussing the parent's new relationships.

The dad begins telling the daughter, "Honestly, after kids, there's really no point to getting married."

Now let me say that I don't know this family's situation. I haven't been a part of their lives. Heck, I don't even know their names.

But I do know this. There IS a point to marriage.

There has been this trend in our culture for couple's to date for years and years, move in, live life together, and enjoy the physical intimacy of a relationship, and yet find no importance to take the step to get married.

Let me tell you're missing out. I believe marriage isn't just our names on a certificate, a ceremony where I get to dress up in a pretty white gown and make out with my new husband every time people 'clink' against their glasses. And, contrary to what many people think about Christians' reasons to get married, it is definitely more than an excuse to have sex.

I believe the designed permanency of marriage facilitates what can be the most stretching and satisfying avenue for selfless love than can be found in any other relationship on this earth. It is a chance for me to respect my husband, and him to protect me in return. It is a deep deep knowing of another, the good and the bad, the annoying and the endearing. To walk through the struggles and victories of another's life: sharing the sorrow and celebrating the joy.

The Bible says that the love in a marriage should be a reflection of how Jesus loved the church, or people who believe in Him. He ended up laying down His life because of that love.

When our marriages reflect that kind of deep, passionate, and intimate love to the world, people don't see us - they see HIM. And in seeing him they can come to know the drawing, yearning love of our Savior.

I believe that is the point. And it's a beautiful one.



GingerPeachT said...

I totally agree with you. It's so sad to know how others take marriage for granted and just something to check off your life list.

Terésa Marie said...

Love this. Marriages have been on my mind a lot lately, partly because our church is doing a series on Staying in Love and because I know of two that are really struggling, but want to make it work. How sad what that man told his daughter, it's no wonder the culture is confused.

This series we are doing includes video clips by Andy Stanley and he says that to make marriages work there needs to be a constant submission to each other, and respect of one another, taking interest in what the other likes to do and putting those things above yourself. Hearing it that way makes it sound so HARD, but then he goes on to say that we have all done it. It was called dating. If we hadn't done it, stepped aside, said oh your greater, yes I like fishing, sure honey speak (without interruption or correction) then you most likely wouldn't be married. That really opened my eyes. There are so many ways that submission can be practiced but so many times people think once they are married they don't have to try anymore, the prize has been won, but it's a constant effort.

Sorry so long! I love what you said the purpose of marriage is, that's so true, and yet, also, overlooked. Praying I'll keep that in mind as I go forth striving to be a better wife.

God Bless

Angel said...

Yes!! So true and I'm so sad and angry the enemy is continually in full attack against marriage. He seems to have convinced so many in our culture that marriage is useless...of course he hates marriage because it's a constant reminder of Jesus dying for the world! Thanks for your words concerning your commitment to marriage!

Amanda said...

I totally agree with you!! Marriage is a reflection of God's covenant relationship with His people!! Those people are definitely missing out!

Esther said...

Megan- this is great! What a great post on marriage. You say it all as it is. The institution of marriage is on a downfall but people like you will help it survive. This post should be published somewhere.

Brandy Jane Mabel said...

Well said! Jesus showed us the perfect example of selfless love! If husbands and wives would take on His love for one another what a difference it would make!

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