Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Am.

Linking up with Heart Therapy again today.

- In love with Michael Buble's Christmas album
- Passionate
- More selfish than I'd like to admit
- Random
- A good listener
- Addicted to Polar Pops
- Corny
- Most myself in a sports bra and sweatpants
- A Wife
- Against all things glitter
- NOT a cook
- Super Funny (Seriously)
- Tenderhearted
- Pumped to see Florida family & Indiana family at Christmas!
- Empathetic
- Young
- A good tree-climber
- Often cranky
- Way more mature than my husband
- Stubborn
- Pumped to work on college campuses
- A hugger
- Athletic
- A good friend
- Scared of the dark...only sometimes
- Thug
- Slow as dirt
- An adventurer
- An expert 'Your Mom' joker
- Lovely

This is pretty much me. Who are you??


The Cantelmo Family said...

We are similar in SO many ways but I love glitter! :)

ginanorma said...

LOVE this, so nice to meet you and get to know you so quickly, hehe, saw your blog on NS Pottery...so happy I did!

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