Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Am.

Linking up with Heart Therapy again today.

- In love with Michael Buble's Christmas album
- Passionate
- More selfish than I'd like to admit
- Random
- A good listener
- Addicted to Polar Pops
- Corny
- Most myself in a sports bra and sweatpants
- A Wife
- Against all things glitter
- NOT a cook
- Super Funny (Seriously)
- Tenderhearted
- Pumped to see Florida family & Indiana family at Christmas!
- Empathetic
- Young
- A good tree-climber
- Often cranky
- Way more mature than my husband
- Stubborn
- Pumped to work on college campuses
- A hugger
- Athletic
- A good friend
- Scared of the dark...only sometimes
- Thug
- Slow as dirt
- An adventurer
- An expert 'Your Mom' joker
- Lovely

This is pretty much me. Who are you??

Sunday, December 11, 2011

These Aren't My Words

No, really. These are all from Pinterest =) I saw this idea at Eisy Morgan and couldn't resist posting some of my favorites!

Source: 9gag.com via Megan on Pinterest

Enjoy the beginning of your week =)


Monday, December 5, 2011


So, p.s., Nate and I had a housewarming party on Sunday [another goal checked off my 12 by 2012 list!!]. It was FANTASTIC. We got to meet around 20 of our neighbors and then had around the same number of dear friends come over afterwards and enjoy this bomb dot com, blessing of a house God has given us.

While we were there, Nate and some of our friends started commenting how I say "P.S." sometimes for no good reason. I mean, sometimes it just feels right, you know? Who cares if you haven't actually already been in conversation, or if the word is a term most normal people only use in handwritten letters which are practically extinct by now anyway?

Not me.

And of course, if you have already said "P.S." leading up to a statement, and a branch off that statement pops into your head, a "P.P.S." is definitely necessary. I think it's only logical.

Apparently not.

So while they are commenting on how my language is weird - - Other common words include, "Rough", "Bomb dot com", "Sexy" and pretty much anything with a lisp - -  I told them their face was weird, and their mom's face was weird.

I know, I know. Brilliant and mature response. I can't help when class and sophistication just ooze out of me.

P.S. God is good.

P.P.S. I'm seeing Christmas through a whole other lens this year, prompted by some sweet stuff happening at my new church. A post to come very soon =)

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