Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm Sexy & I Know It.

First of all, confession- I love this song. Seriously, I don't know why. I first heard it in the car when I was driving by myself. I came home to tell Nate that I heard this sick song and when he asked how it went my reply went something along the lines of
"Rap, rap, rap, I'm sexy and I know it. I work ooouutttt. Rap, rap, rap" [And yes I actually said the words "rap"]
I'm thug. No big deal.
So, sticking with my confidence theme, and because I'm in Florida which tricks me into thinking that everything is a good idea because it's so sunny and stinkin' beautiful outside, I'm sharing this very embarrassing video.

This is me playing a super fun, highly ridiculous game with my director at Steak n' Shake. He's actually on the other side of the table - unseen from the camera. Smart man.
There was no alcohol involved although it was fairly late at night. 


So I guess there's no excuse. Sad story =)

Hope this brightens your day...or at least makes you grateful you're husband doesn't videotape you're awkardness!



CheeseMcGee said...

Great! Thanks for getting that stinking song stuck in my head!

Evan Staggs said...

I am SO SO glad I got to be a part of this video!!!! HISTORICAL!!!!

Mad said...

I am glad you know it! :D

bmetzer said...

real nice Clark... real nice.

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