Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hannah Banana

Yesterday, January 31 was my sister, Hannah's 16th birthday.


I must admit, I had a mild panic attack in the morning when I realized my baby sister is now 16. SIX-FREAKIN'-TEEN.

I can't believe it. She's not supposed to be this old. She's not supposed to be taller than me. And she's definitely not supposed to be thinking about being a real adult. I'm not even a real adult yet. Good grief.

Yesterday we took Hannah out to dinner and then went back and watched Glee. Hello, Michael Jackson.

SO i thought I would use this little space to write Hannah a birthday letter. Cheesy, I know, but she likes cheesy =)
Oh mylanta. You are my woman!  
I cannot believe that you are old, and wearing high heels and, well, just old. You have grown so much in the last year in your walk with the Lord and I want you to know that I absolutely could not be more proud of you. You are seeking to grow in your faith and desiring to lead others in the same. Your life is a testimony to Christ, a beautiful testimony. 
Speaking of beauty. Hannah, it radiates from you. First of all you have a great body (I know you're blushing and super mad at me right now), and second of all, your spirit speaks to the 'unfading beauty of a gentle spirit'. **I left out the quiet part of the passage =)** You're gorgeous.
 I love so many things about you. Your laugh for sure. I love when we laugh together, and then realize that our laughs are exactly the same and so we end up laughing about our laughs. I love that you work in the nursery. You are unbelievable with kids and I'm excited to see how God uses that in your future. I love that you love life. I love that you have this great ability to laugh at yourself. I love that you thought Fidelity Life Insurance was a place to go and work on staying true to your spouse. 
I just love you a lot. You are no longer becoming a woman of the Lord, you are one. I'm proud to be your sister. 
Happy (belated) Birthday. 


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