Thursday, February 2, 2012


Instafriday 02/2

1. Hannah and I. Her birthday was this week. Read my letter to her here =).
2. Took Momma to Starbucks. She's in love, obviously.
3. Kevin and I watching our new obsession, Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Theatre. Seriously, SOOO good.
4. Funnel Cake Fries at Max & Erma's for Hannah's birthday.
5. We are ridiculous.
6. The sun was out this week in Downtown Cleveland, in February. Now tell me that God's not good.
7. Sometimes I can't find my I wear Nate's tennis shoes. I know, I know, I'm classy.
8. Something that always makes me laugh- 69. Never fails. Have I mentioned that I have the humor of a middleschooler? 



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