Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Pre-Husband Love Story

I'm not super sappy (but obviously am an alliteration fan). But today I think I'm just going to throw out all the sappiness I have stored up over the year and hope that I can hold off for another year until next Love Day.

So here goes. Before I met Nate there was this man. He was older than me - WAAAYYY older - but seemed to relate to me unlike anyone I had ever met.

At first I didn't like him, because, well, I kind of thought he would be lame.

Yet this guy reached out to me. He seemed to show up exactly at the time I needed him most. He showed me that I don't have to act tough. In fact, he cherished it when I cried on his shoulder, loving me when I was most honest with him...even if that came with a hurricane of emotions and blubberiness slash blotchiness.

Basically, this guy was perfect. He brought so much joy into my life. I decided to make it official, and give him my heart.

Since then we have walked together through so much heartache (mostly caused by yours truly), and yet so so much goodness. He has helped me discover not who I am, but who I was created to be. There have been periods where I've been an idiot and ignored him for lengths of time, yet He continues to be there, wooing me back. I hurt him, and have to apologize often. I honestly don't know why he loves a jerk like me.

It was actually this same guy who introduced me to Nate. I had no idea but he had been talking to Nate all along, kind of prepping us for each other. Super sweet and thoughtful, right??

I know you are absolutely on the edge of your couch, the TV is paused and you can hardly blink because you don't want to miss my dream guy. Wait for it. WAIT FOR IT...

Some people call him Jesus. Actually, I'm pretty sure everyone calls him Jesus.

He showed me perfect, selfless love way before my sexy husband entered the picture. Jesus gave his life so I could be in relationship with He and His father. He sweat for me. Sacrificed for me. Died for me.

We're not talking chocolates and sappy cards, people. We're talking about knowing the inner workings of my heart, my fears, dreams, and unspoken doubts. We're talking leaving paradise, dying to take away my eternal separation from God. It's kind of a whole other level.

He has awakened in me passions that I didn't know existed, joys which could only be divine, and helped me to grow out of an incredibly selfish nature (we're actually still working together on that last one).

Do you know him? Have you noticed him pursuing your heart? Have you entered into his love? Valentines Day would be a great day to start, just sayin'.

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mpalosi said...

What a walk it is! Love your stories! Tell Nate hey...Mike Palosi

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